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Klear Picture Financial Advisory – About Us
Klear Picture Financial Advisory – About Us

Klear Picture began in 2005 and aims is to deliver a higher calibre of financial solutions. We shifted away from the single advisor model to enable clients to mitigate the risk of single advisors providing limited or biased advice. An advisor can only provide advice on areas they are licensed or qualified in. In our increaslingly complex environment with constant tax, lending and superannuation legislative changes and volatile world economic climate, clients require more expertise.

Klear Picture evolved from the traditional financial planning model of single planner per client, to a model where clients have access to a team of qualified and compliant experts across different financial disciplines managed by their personal advisor.

Whether it be wealth building, superannuation, risk management, investing or setting up self-managed superfunds, there’s a specialist on the team to assist alongside your personal advisor.

This cohesive, multi-skilled advisory model delivers more comprehensive finance solutions in a more cost-effective and timely manner. It saves clients from the headaches of receiving conflicting advice from different service providers that work independently. Why seek a broker, realtor, planner, SMSF specialist, bank manager, fund manager etc. when your personal advisor can research and coordinate these services for you?

Circumstances change and new opportunities arise. Klear Picture can assist to clarify and prioritise goals, track your progress, and identify ways to improve along the way. You can achieve more, while striking a balance between your lifestyle needs today and tomorrow.

Engaging the Klear Picture team equips you to make astute financial decisions with confidence.

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Why Choose Us?

  • 85% of planners work with a bank, superannuation company, or insurance provider. We’re among the 15% that are non-aligned – hence we are not restricted to products or services of any one institution.
  • Our advisors have expertise in more than one area of finance and undergo extensive ongoing professional development programs.
  • We are a boutique business that cultivates close long-term relationships with our clients. We limit the clients each advisor takes on to not compromise attention to an individual’s needs.
  • We place large emphasis on client education and clearly explain how strategies are derived so clients actually gain more financial knowledge over time with us.
  • We’re not about promising overnight riches. Rather, our services are designed to help you efficiently utilise your financial resources so you can achieve more of your goals sooner, according to your risk profile that is assessed and agreed upon between you and your advisor.
  • We speak in easy-to-understand language, rather than bamboozle you with industry jargon.
  • All your finance specialists are under one roof and your financial strategy is coordinated, so you won’t have to rely solely on a single financial planner to provide advice that is limited to the planner’s specific areas of accreditation and qualifications.

7 Step Framework

Our 7 step framework will help you define, work towards and achieve more of your financial goals.

Here's what we do:

  • DISCOVER - Complete a Financial Needs Analysis to establish scope of advice and information required.
  • INVESTIGATE - Establish how your current financial products, services and plans are performing and tracking towards your goals.
  • RESEARCH - Study the market. E.g. Loans, Superannuation, SMSF, Insurances, Managed Funds. See if things can be improved. Research suitable alternatives should existing structures not match your current risk profile, concerns or goals.
  • STRATEGISE - Design a Strategy with your Klear Picture Advisor, while gaining financial knowledge through educational brainstorming sessions.
  • IMPLEMENT - Instruct your team at Klear Picture to put your plan into action.
  • CO-ORDINATE - We co-ordinate most relevant services for you (e.g. financial planner, accountant, lender, property advisor).
  • REVIEW - Customise an ongoing review process to track your progress. Work closely with you as your circumstances and goals change with time.

From the very beginning, you'll gain a stronger sense of control over your financial circumstances, and a greater confidence and certainty about your future.

Book a Free Discovery Session Today

Here’ your opportunity to meet the team, exchange ideas and address areas of finance you would like to improve on.

Discovery Sessions last 30 to 45 minutes depending on questions you have the scope of advice required.  This equips your advisor to design Step 2, your personal Strategy Session.  Our team of advisors collaborate to design your Strategy Session. The session empowers you to consider risks, learn investment fundamentals and analyse investment scenarios . You’ll get to know your team of experts better, and start designing the life that you want.

So arrange your Discovery Session now. Email Kerri from client services or CALL 1300 784 351 or 03 9998 1940.


Learn more about us on our KlearPicture Introduction video.

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Journey to Remarkable Klear Picture Property Investment

  • Louis & Melinda

    IT Consultant and Home Operations Executive

    KlearPicture's advice on the steps involved, agents, insurance, accountants, etc. has been spot on and we are looking forward to our next investment opportunity ..


  • Agnieszka L

    Spa Resort Manager

    I’m Very Thankful For Everything Treasha Did. For Making Me Feel Like I’m Doing Business With Someone Who Really Cares To Make It Right For Me. ..


  • Amanda O

    Foreign Services

    I Would Not Be A Property Investor Today Had I Not Been Introduced To Treasha. ..


  • David & Sonya V

    World Vision International

    Treasha’s Expertise And Experience Of Property And Investment Means She Can Find A Deal For Anyone. ..


  • Susie A

    Operations Manager

    I Cannot Believe That I Didn’t Act On This Earlier. ..


  • Dave G

    IT Consultant

    We Still Can't Believe We Did It! Less Than 4 Months Later We Have Our First Investment Property. ..


  • Michelle P


    I Bought My First Property Around Dec 2006, Which To My Surprise Cost Me Such A Small Amount Each Week. ..


  • Yang T

    School Teacher

    Treasha’s Willingness To Go Beyond What Would Be Expected Of Her In Order To Fully Meet All Of Her Clients’ Needs Truly Demonstrates Her Commitment To Her Work And The Personal..


  • Marie G

    School Principal

    Treasha Made Us Feel Like Important Personal Clients And No Question Or Issue Was Too Much Trouble. ..


  • Sam P

    Sales Manager

    Without All Your Knowledge The Whole Process Would Have Been Far Too Overwhelming. ..


  • Tony L

    Sales Manager

    Treasha Provide Us With The Guidance, Information And Assistance That Has Enabled Us To Have The Confidence To Take Ownership Of Our Financial Future. ..


  • Trent O

    Transport & Logistics

    With Us Being Apprehensive And So Inexperienced, It Has Been A Pleasure Talking And Working With You In Workshops And Meetings To Understand The Financial Process. ..


  • Bruno L

    Senior I.T. Architect

    Regretfully I Did Not Start This Years Ago. I Kept Thinking Kids And Mortgage Means No Money To Save. Quite The Opposite. ..


  • Scott L

    Trust Accountant

    Treasha's Solution Was Logical And Clear And Looked At Not Only The Current Purchase But Geared Us Towards Future Purchases With Investments. ..


  • Miffy BH

    Communications, Training & Communities of Practice Specialist

    I Would Highly Recommend Klear Picture Services To Anyone, Especially First Time Or Nervous Investors! ..