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Our Financial Planning arm (IntelliPlan Pty Ltd) are licenced under Dover Financial Group AFSL, one of Australia’s largest independently owned Australian Financial Services Licencing body. Read more about our client protection policy.

IntelliPlan advices on superannuation, retirement planning, investments, transition to retirement (TTR) and self-managed superfund (SMSF).

Risk Management

Many Australian’s are set up with default protection within their super.  It is useful to review this  as life commitments change. Should the unforeseen occur that leaves you unable to work, protecting income, assets and family gives peace of mind, and confidence to continue to build your wealth without fear of loosing what you have. Understanding how different insurance providers operate, enables you to align the right one to your needs. Why pay for policies that may not help you in times of need?

Ways you can protect your family and you

  • Life – A lump sum payment that’s paid out upon death or terminal illness.
  • Disability – A lump sum to provided if you become totally and permanently disabled.
  • Income protection – Set yourself up with a monthly income stream should you be unable to work.
  • Critical illness– A lump sum payment that’s provided upon diagnosis of a major medical condition.


Many people don’t fully grasp how valuable their super is until it’s too late. To ensure your retirement years are adequately planned for, it’s important to plan ahead and continually work to build on your superannuation throughout your life.

We can help you choose the best superannuation fund for your circumstances, conduct thorough investigations of providers to ensure they offer adequate protection and will invest your money wisely to maximise your super.

We can sometimes be so focused on managing our day to day expenses and forget that with more in our Super pot, we can have peace of mind that debts incurred through our lifetime can one day be paid off with the money accumulated in our superannuation funds. So why neglect your future wealth and income?

With the help of our financial advisors, you can rest soundly knowing that you’ve planned for your retirement and invested in your future.

Tax Planning

Australia has one of the most complex tax systems. Learning to navigate the tax system today can go a long way towards facilitating a bigger next egg and its not hard if you start early. You may even allocate some tax dollars to wealth creation or protection. How you structure your incomes, investments, lending needs, asset disposal or asset ownership, can impact your net worth by thousands, and for some, even hundreds of thousands.


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