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treashaTreasha Lim
Investment Property Strategist

KlearPicture Strategic Property Advisors has developed a “30-Minute Property Strategy Session” which we conduct over the phone with you (and your spouse or partner). Here is what we accomplish together in this fast-paced, zero-nonsense session:

  • Current reality snapshot: in no more than 8 minutes, we get a “broad brush” overview of your current financial situation including income, assets and liabilities.
  • Future reality snapshot: we will guide you through a process where you answer questions about where you want to be financially in 5 years, 10 years and at retirement.
  • Financial opportunity snapshot: based on your current reality and desired future direction, we are normally able to outline at least 3 specific strategies to:
    • tweak your current financial structure to pay LESS interest to the banks;
    • pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS to the taxman over the coming years by taking advantage of maximum tax advantages;
    • build long-term wealth faster, WITHOUT sacrificing your lifestyle or living like a pauper

The “30-Minute Property Strategy Session” is conducted by the principal of our company, Treasha Lim, who has worked with hundreds of residential property investors across Australia, as well as dozens of expat investors.

Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly-disguised sales presentation; it will consist of the best intelligence Ms. Lim can supply in a 30-minute timespan.

There is no charge for this call, but please be advised that the call must be strictly limited to 30 minutes.

This consultation will typically take place within 3 to 10 days of your registration. To confirm a time for this consultation, please complete the form below or call 1300 788 971and we will contact you to advise of available time slots. We will also provide you with a pre-consultation questionnaire that will prepare both you and us to get the maximum value in the shortest amount of time.