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Bruno L

Senior I.T. Architect

Regretfully I Did Not Start This Years Ago. I Kept Thinking Kids And Mortgage Means No Money To Save. Quite The Opposite.

I have known Treasha for years and knew she provided assistance with property investing. I just never knew how much she actually did. Treasha often suggested she could help me whenever I wanted to improve my finances and I kept thinking that I could not afford property so Treasha may not be able to assist.

Later I learnt that Treasha and her team could actually help me with loans, insurances and my super… The other thing is, I kept thinking buying an investment property was like buying a home. I thought I needed to have lots of spare cash-flow to do it. Even though I am earning a good income, have two kids and a rather large mortgage by my standard, the thought of another debt was just scary for a conservative man like me.

Initially I would pester Treasha for loan advice… later on I would attend property seminars in my state and always run scenarios from the seminars past Treasha. On one occasion I was so sold on a defence housing project in a far away location Treasha did not stop me. She just shared some comparisons between different types of investment properties and she mentioned that specific investment was something she would NOT recommend but that she would assist me regardless.

So I went ahead and signed on the dotted line but finance fell over for the project. Fortunately the paper work was signed subject to finance which Treasha insisted I do. So I got out of the purchase scotch free.

Eventually the time came when I was tired of paying such high taxes and chipping away at my mortgage loan was not going to be enough to set myself up for early financial independence… as that would mean I don’t start investing for another 10 years. By then… how much would my first investment property cost? Starting a savings plan 10 years from now became a more daunting thought.

So, I had a chat with Treasha to understand all the ins and outs of building a property portfolio. We actually had a few good long talks via Skype as I reside in Adelaide and within 2 Skype sessions, I was astounded by how affordable it actually is and how much tax I was going to save. We set goals together and trialled a short term savings plan to replicate owning an investment property for 3 months.

Treasha made everything so easy and worked at my pace. It actually became so logical it wasn’t daunting anymore. Regretfully I did not start this years ago. I kept thinking kids and mortgage means no money to save. Quite the opposite.

It is a blessing that Treasha had the patience to hold my hand all the way and am thankfully now on property number 2. It’s not hard work and my bi annual reviews are all it takes to maintain my investment plan.

Property number 1 is in Richmond VIC and it ended up getting even more rent than Treasha said it would. Being a worry wart, Treasha ensured she used really conservative figures when conducting the property analysis or feasibility studies.

Treasha is a trusted and caring advisor and she will be building my portfolio for me till I retire. Thank you Treasha for your years of service and always being so readily available to help.