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Michelle P


I Bought My First Property Around Dec 2006, Which To My Surprise Cost Me Such A Small Amount Each Week.

My story starts with saving hard for a deposit with the aim to buy a property to rent out until I was ready to move out of my parents’ home.

I went to auctions of a number of properties in the outer suburbs (based purely on the ‘look’ of the place, not rental income, position, etc, as I knew very little about property at the time), and fortunately I missed out on these. Then I was referred to Treasha – and was so impressed!

Things happened really quickly, and so smoothly without any stress. I bought my first property around Dec 2006, which to my surprise cost me such a small amount each week. I was still able to save so much, and less than six months later I couldn’t believe it when Treasha told me I could now purchase a second property. Several months later, I am coping extremely well with the loan repayments, and continue to save for my third property.

What makes this so easy for me is the fact that I’m still living with my parents, so my other living costs are quite minimal. And the best thing is often I forget I even have these properties, there are no headaches or worries.

Now I know I have the ongoing support and guidance from Treasha and her team, things can only continue to get better.