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Sam P

Sales Manager

Without All Your Knowledge The Whole Process Would Have Been Far Too Overwhelming.


It has been over six months now since we purchased our property with your assistance, and to be honest unless someone brings it up in conversation we don’t even realise we own an investment property. As you promised everything has just worked.

I know initially I was the ‘client from hell’ who asked a million questions in amongst having numerous panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. To be honest you explained things to us so simply that the whole idea of buying an investment property seemed too good to be true – there had to be a catch. I think that’s why it took a while for me to have faith, but we are very glad we did.

To the credit of your whole team and irrespective of my stress levels, you all responded to me with nothing but a genuine desire to help, lots of good knowledge and enormous amounts of understanding.

Now we cannot believe we didn’t take advantage of all the benefits and buy an investment property years ago. Without all your knowledge however the whole process would have been far too overwhelming and I am convinced (irrespective of our level of intelligence and various University degrees), that we could not have sorted things out so effectively and painlessly. I was amazed at how accurate your costings turned out to be.

So we wish to say thank you to the whole team at your Melbourne office, especially yourself and Rob Martin for nursing us through the process and as you have already discovered, we are happy to recommend your services to anyone considering an investment property.”